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Sri Lankan spices are abundant, varied and versatile. Praised since ancient times, widely traded in colonial days, they remain one of Ceylon's most important crops.

From the mountains to the coast, in cities or out in the country, the aroma of Sri Lankan spices is never far away. It lingers around the village huts, the luxury spas in five star hotels, the food stalls along the beach and most of all in the lush gardens where they are grown for Sinhalese cuisine and traditional Ayurveda massage and therapies. Sri Lankan spices are for fine food and well being and a valuable source of income for small farmers. The Sri Lanka Spice Council has earned world wide recognition.



CinnamonHistoric export
While Sri Lanka's most famous export is tea, historically the most important has been cinnamon. In fact, so strong is the link between cinnamon and Sri Lanka that the botanical name of the spice - Cinnamomum zeylanicum - is derived from the island's former name, Ceylon.

スリランカの最も有名な輸出品は紅茶ですが、歴史的に最も重要な輸出品はシナモンでした。実際、シナモンとスリランカとの因果関係はとても強かったので、このスパイスの学名Cinnamomum zeylanicumは、この島の以前の名前セイロンに由来しています。

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